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Sleeping at The Midnight (My Version)

Everyday we need time to break and take a rest. As strong as our body still need a break. Many activities we can do when we take a rest like eating some food, just sitting or sleeping. Sleeping is very important in our life, by sleep can refresh our brains after tired to think a whole day. Ideal time to sleep is 15-20 hours per day for baby and children, 8 hours per day for adolescent and 6 hours per day for adult.
We sleep more at the night, but sometimes when we have a lot of tasks make us sleeping late. But actually that is not good for our health, did you know? Many negative impact if we like sleeping late. First, we become less focus and lack of concentration. Because at the night we do many activity so at the noon we felt tired. And also there is influence to our appearance like we will become fat if we like sleeping at the midnight. Why so? Because when we do activity at the night we will feel hungry and decided to eating some food. Not only that but when we like sleeping late our skin become dull and pale, and the eyes looks swollen.
The next negative impact by sleeping at the midnight is make us become forgetful and grumpy. The most dangerous impact is stroke, they sleeping late so that is make they lack of rest and it will be creating pressure on their heart and lead to a heart attack and stroke.
Actually there are a lot of negative impact of sleeping at the midnight, make less focus, become forgetful, make our skin looks bad, and can make people stroke. So lets start with healty life by sleep enough per day. We have to manage our time to do activity and to sleep. Because all of people need sleeping for make a new energy..

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kami berkarya bersama, saling membantu, saling support dan ceria bersama, sedih bersama pokoknya kenangan masa remaja yang luar biasa bersama teman-teman. terimakasih untuk semua teman-teman yang selama ini banyak mengajari arti hidup dan kebersamaan. aku berharap kita semua kelak akan menjadi orang-orang yang luarbiasa, dan kita akan bersama meraih apa yang kita cita-citakan meski aku tahu kita tidak akan selalu bersama karena kita memiliki impian masing-masing. Good Luck!